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L by Skrye L :iconskrye:Skrye 1 2 I'm L by Skrye I'm L :iconskrye:Skrye 3 6
:iconskrye:Skrye 0 2
A person tweets inside my window
A bluebird tweets outside mine
I follow the bluebird
:iconskrye:Skrye 0 0
Of butterflies
Of metamorphosis
Of change
In this can we find
In actresses
In models
In make-up (make-believe)
In this can we find
:iconskrye:Skrye 0 2
In My Kingdom
And I am the King because
I am the King
The King of Believing Make-Believe
A crown too big
Rests on my nose
Covers my eyes
But it's alright
In this kingdom
I'm well-loved
By all
:iconskrye:Skrye 0 0
Living 101
There are some things in life
That must be learned
That cannot be taught
By any professor
In any classroom
They can only be found
In your heart
When you're ready
To start learning
:iconskrye:Skrye 1 4
Fascinated by Your touch
I stay and linger for a while
Gently stroke my hair, your fingers
Are enough to make me smile
:iconskrye:Skrye 0 0
Modern Poet
Who appreciates the poets
In this modern age?
We're nothing more than hyperlinks
Embedded on the page
:iconskrye:Skrye 0 0
A Poem
I wanted to write a poem
So here I am
Pen in hand
Notebook open
How pretentious.
Poetry is dead.
No one has true inspiration
Your mind-altering medicines aren't real
Your "original" thoughts are overused cliches
It's all formulaic
Not from the heart
You can pretend that when it rhymes at the end
or even within that you didn't in...
For it to be anything but you
And what you mean, what you feel
But do you? Is it?
But everyone tries in this day and age
Everyone's a poet
And they think they know it.
Astonishing! Alluding to Allen with Assonance in your Alliteration!
Your Howl is just a whimper
And it won't stop the world from turning.
I can't find Poe...try harder
The tell-tale heart stopped beating
But it's still there
On The Road
It's not an illusion
But an allusion
I miss the ocean
And my childhood
And my innocence
In a sense
It all went into the ocean
It is the ocean
It was the ocean
It's mired and polluted now
Leeches infest the lost purit
:iconskrye:Skrye 4 9
Mature content
Second Chances :iconskrye:Skrye 0 9
I really never understood why people get so worked up when they see a fire.  Their initial response is panic, shouting and frantic waving of limbs as they attempt to fight the blaze, or find someone to do it for them.  Why can’t they see it like I do? How can they not see the beauty in combustion, the poetry in arson?  Arson in and of itself is such a silly crime.  If no one gets hurt, where’s the harm in setting a car on fire?   A house?  A city?  Aesthetically they have no argument, nothing man-made could ever dream to compete with Natural Beauty.  And what could possibly be more Natural than the chemical musings of an open flame?  Tempted only by the wind and limited only by an object’s ability to burn.  It’s a beautiful thing, watching the lit match fall to your feet, igniting the carefully laid trail of gasoline painstakingly poured for a precise purpose.
:iconskrye:Skrye 1 0
An Ocean Between Us
The sun seems so noisy today
so I thought I would stay
And I realized
That loving you seems as natural as breathing
And nothing I can do could be quite as hard as
And nothing in this world could come between us
'Cept the Atlantic
And when I'm miles and miles away it makes it awful hard to be
And so I'll sing this song to you
Send it 'cross the Ocean blue
To let you know that while we are apart
That even when I'm far away, I think about you every day
And darling you will always have my heart
You will always have my heart
:iconskrye:Skrye 1 2
DA ID: Prom Night by Skrye DA ID: Prom Night :iconskrye:Skrye 0 2
my angel
She's my angel
Her halo is a little tarnished
looks almost silver, rather than
And her wings are slightly
And most of the feathers
have fallen out
She's got a mean streak
Mood swings
Mischievous mind
But she tries
so hard to be good
And I know that
She's my angel
I love her
:iconskrye:Skrye 4 8
I am
sculpted from clay
and pushed into the fire
for too long
I grow brittle
I break
:iconskrye:Skrye 2 3

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United States
I'm a lover, not a fighter.

I like writing poetry, listening to music, and I'm your average all-around perfect guy. Mmyep.

Current Residence: University of Alabama
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large or XL plz ;)
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Techno, Metal, Alternative
Favourite photographer: I know what I like when I see it
Favourite style of art: Anime, abstract sometimes is fun
Operating System: Caffeine
MP3 player of choice: iPod. mine.
Shell of choice: Conch
Wallpaper of choice: ...people still use wallpaper?...
Skin of choice: smooth
Favourite cartoon character: Many
Personal Quote: That just happened.
Surprisingly lame this year.

Does anyone even use deviantart anymore? Should I bother uploading poetry?
  • Listening to: Motion City Soundtrack
  • Reading: webcomics
  • Watching: Metalocalypse
  • Playing: Magic: The Gathering
  • Eating: food
  • Drinking: water


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dashi-09 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
You Are Loved.
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wtf, you like left 4 dead?!
Skrye Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2010
dude, heck yes. tho I've really only played the original, barely touched 2...and I played on 360 of course ><
Pwizemptine Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2010
well that's the only way to play man! and part 2 sucks so bad. i like the addition of melee weapons and gore, but it's difficult in a frustrating way. left 4 dead was difficult too but in a fun, challenging way. we'll have to play it together sometime! i still need to call you >.<
Skrye Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2010
yeah, dude, don't you remember playing at Tyler's place? it was nutty. "LET'S BOOK IT!!!" and yeah, I heard a lot of people like the PC version but I like the controller more. and yeah, call, you can come visit sometime soon, ya know?
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i have a video out of the monologue, but i'm going to update it in 2010. if you go to : [link]
and click on the big video..
thats your poem.

its not that good. i'm going to update it. but i wanted to get you something before 2010/
Skrye Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2009
hehe, how exciting :) There are a few pronunciation issues, but other than that I liked it ^^ Thank you~
dashi-09 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
im going to do better next time. i promise. i'm sorry its not the best though. i wish i could've done better. ):
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